Hello world!

The all new SWORD Studios site is up and running, welcome. It took me a bit longer than I intended but in the end I think it turned out great. Take some time, browse the site, view my work and before you go contact me and let me know what you think. If you’re on twitter, come say hi there too @professor

This all new HTML5, CSS3, WordPress Powered, Standards Compliant site may have taken me a few months to finish but it was well worth it. I learned a lot, played around with some new technologies and created something I’m pretty proud of. Hope to hear from you! – Jesse


Blogsville.us is one of the websites I’m most proud of in my portfolio. I designed and developed the site for a conference I was putting on myself. Which is odd because I usually have the most difficulty designing great sites when I’m my own client. This site was built using only standards compliant XHTML and CSS. Blogsville has been featured on several websites including Design Meltdown, CSS Impress and Design Fridge. It was also featured in The Web Designers Idea Book Volume 2.

Black Widow Customs

Black Widow Customs is owned and operated by the famous Lisa Marie Varon a.k.a. Victoria formally of the WWE. Victoria can now be seen on TNA Impact and is a prominent female Wrestler. This website was a great project because it challenged us to step out of our norm (building html and css websites) and create something animated, interactive and fun in Flash.

Zach Braiker

Zach Braiker is a close friend and one of the most genuine people I know. He is very creative and intelligent, this comes out in his work everyday. His blog is a reflection of his work and his passion, Social Media. It was fun designing this WordPress theme, working with Zach and helping his ideas come through in this design

Brain To Blog

Brain to Blog is my personal blog where I write about everything and anything that pops into my head. For a while I maintained several different blogs on specific topics. I soon realized I’d better serve myself by consolidating everything to one single space. Brain to Blog’s design needed to reflect the creativity and uniqueness that this blog stands for. I think it does.

Best SEO Tool

In an effort to continue to serve my industry I was happy to take on Best SEO Tool. Duane Forrester, who runs the Bing Webmaster Program and author of some great books had a great idea to create a blog to help up and coming SEO’s with tips, resources and articles. This was a great project and a lot of fun. Do I have to mention that it was built on WordPress?

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Optimization Journal

Nick Stamoulis of Brick Marketing is one of the best SEO’s I know which is why it was an honor to be selected to redesign and develop his blog. Search Engine Optimization Journal has a lot of traffic so it was vital to ensure a clean and functional site that it easy to use, fast and reliable. SEOJ is powered by WordPress, of course!